Do Herbal Diet Pills Work?

When you are trying to lose weight, herbal diet pills that use natural ingredients may help you make quicker progress. While no product on the market is a miracle pill, products containing ingredients known to affect bodily functions that control weight loss may help.


Active Ingredients In Herbal Diet Pills

Diet pills vary according to what they contain and the percentage of active ingredients. By doing your research, you can learn about how much of an herb you need for effective weight loss. For products that claim to contain a proprietary mixture, you have to go by research, customer reviews, and your own experience.

Since individuals do respond differently to diet products, it is common in the industry to offer refunds, less shipping and handling, if pills don’t work. For this reason, finding a product that offers a good guarantee is essential to your satisfaction.

While the makeup of diet products varies, common ingredients in diet pills might include some of the following ingredients:

  • Herbal ephedra, caffeine, guarana and country mallow - Increase metabolism
  • Guar gum, glucomannan, and psyllium - Cause a "full" feeling
  • Hydrocitric acid, green tea, conjugated linoleic acid (a substance derived from beef and dairy products), and pyruvate - Slow fat production
  • Chitosan (or chitin - substance found in the exoskeleton of shrimp and other shellfish) – Block fat from being absorbed
  • Green coffee extract, Garcinia cambogia - Reduces absorption of sugar and increases metabolism of fat and calories
  • Hoodia - Suppresses appetite
  • Bitter orange - Suppresses appetite, increases metabolism


Many of these ingredients have a growing body of scientific evidence that shows they are effective for many people.

What’s in VivSlim by Premier Slim?

VivSlim, a particularly effective herbal supplement made by Premier Slim has been shown to produce a weight loss of as much as 25 pounds per month in some users. Made of a proprietary blend of bitter orange fruit, cassia seed, mulberry leaf, jobstears seed, medical amylum, konjac root, and lotus leaf, VivSlim safely produces results without side effects.