How To Choose A Diet Pill

Many diet pills promise to help you manage your weight, a concern for many in our weight-conscious society. In an industry where some companies overpromise and deliver poor results, how do you choose a diet pill that is both safe and effective?

Seven Tips For Choosing A Diet Pill

  1. Start with your doctor. Before you start taking over-the-counter diet pills, check with your physician to make sure that the type you plan to take is a good fit for your general health.


  1. Carefully examine the weight loss claims. If the product's claims are too good to be true, they probably are.
  1. Research any claims on reputable third-party sites, such as government sites, hospital or clinic websites, or research journals. As diet pills and weight loss aids are big business, there is plenty of reputable information about supplements in general and about ones branded under certain trade names.


  1. Familiarize yourself with the ingredients. Reputable manufacturers list all their ingredients, so you can research each one individually. Some ingredients found in many supplements, including green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, chromium, garcinia camboga extract, have been shown to help you lose weight.
  1. Find a pill that is a right fit for your personality and metabolism. If you are a low-energy person who feels tired and has trouble getting motivated, look for a pill that includes caffeine and other ingredients that will improve your metabolism, energy, and focus. On the other hand, if you are a high-energy person who has trouble controlling your appetite, avoid caffeine and aim for ingredients that help with appetite control, such as fiber, glucomannan, or saffron extract.


  1. Read about side effects. Several years ago, a popular weight loss supplement listed death as one of the side effects of taking the product. This pill did not stay on the market long, but the truth is that many supplements, whether they are natural or not, have side effects that you may not be able to tolerate.
  1. Buy from a reputable company. Ads on TV may promise limited time offers that will disappear once the infomercial is over, but research the products online before you make the call. Only buy if the company, the claims, and the ingredients check out, based on customer reviews and third-party websites. Read the products hidden terms and conditions that could possibly tie you into a costly Autoship program or membership with additional fees. 


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